About Space Development Nexus (SDNx)

Space Development Nexus (SDNx) is a global cooperative that knows no borders to expand Human existence beyond the Earth. It is a calling to like minded individuals to get involved in the peaceful and endless existence of man. SDNx founded by Sanjay Rathee because of a common desire for radical change to humanity.

Ways to Donate

One step forward to make change for humanity. One for change many for revolution. Be the part of Change.

Inspire, Enable and Propel

Non-profit Space Development Nexus has been the champion of the space industry, providing a non-biased viewpoint and thorough, credible research and analysis; building Space & science technology, engineering skills; increasing awareness of the benefits space brings to life on Earth and supporting the economically vital space industry and helping aspiring young professionals achieve their dreams. SDNx are collectively working together in order to achieve something unique in the history of India.

One time or monthly gift

Make a one time or a monthly gift in support of the Space Development Nexus Mission. If you are an owner of your business or earning millions, then you may be eligible to receive a state tax credit.

Corporate Giving

Each year Corporate Giving Club members team up with the Space Development Nexus to spark creativity, encourage innovation, foster curiosity and celebrate the wonders of discovery among tomorrow's leaders.


Send a special teacher to one of our Space programs, equipping him or her to bring Space and Science Technology related education into every aspect of teaching and can distribute their knowledge to create Indian future.


Donate to the Space Development Nexus in memory of someone or to commemorate a special occasion.

In-Kind Donation

You can donate space memorabilia, and equipment to our Space Development Nexus to make better education for youth generation to fulfil their dreams.

Space Development Nexus will honour to donor every year in annual Conference.

Contact - info@spacedevelopmentnexus.com